" Odmor u privatnim apartmanima u Zadru, Hrvatska, to je sve što želim "
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  • Last minute accommodation bookings – Is it worth it?

    Good number of travellers are thinking about last minute accommodation bookings is viable options for cutting the costs down. This approach is more or less a gamble with some nice pros but also a lot off cons. As a tourism professional in Zadar, Croatia I manage both on-line early bookings and on site last minute bookings. But before we start discussing what are good and bad perks we need to see what kind of accommodation are free for last-minute bookings.

    During high season, July and August and most of June and September, most renters do not have a lot of problems with acquiring bookings in advance. During the offseason it is easy to find accommodation but during the season it’s not so easy, and mainly there are three kind of owners that have accommodation free for rent in those periods.

    First type of renters are in vast majority and are mostly older people or people that are unable to do proper advertising on internet. Those kind of persons usually straggle to get bookings and are viable option for last minute booking. It is hit or miss. Sometimes due to lack of bookings they will ask for much less then market price. But, they are often unprofessional either with customer relationship (barging in apartment uninvited and alike), accommodation furnishing, cleanliness, illegally working or over valuing their properties. Booking with this kind of renters is just too risky in my opinion. Even if the price is ok, and there is good first impression, you can never tell what will happen before your holidays end.

    Second type are renters that simply over evaluate their accommodation to the market price. The quality of location, furniture and surrounding just does not match their prices. Because of it they had trouble to attract customers to do the early bookings. Some of them will be ready to seriously dump the prices in last minute, but a portion will fail to understand simple math due to their pride and refuse lowering the price.

    Third kind of people is your best bet, they are renters that most likely had late cancelation and are having an empty apartment. Most of them will lower the price significantly and you will get great value for your money.

    Good vs. Bad

    If you are in luck last minute bookings are in most cases much cheaper than regular price that you would need to pay for the same accommodation. This perk is number one reason for most travelers that seek the last minute bookings. A good perk is that you can inspect the apartment personally before you decide to book it and thus avoid any surprises when booking online.

    On other side of the coin, finding accommodation on site is time consuming, so if you don't having the best luck you will either spend better part of the day looking for it or settle for something that is at best mediocre. So my advice is to make early booking on-line, but if you decide to try your luck with booking on site I wish you good luck.